Ericsson: We buy/sell used ROJ208394/1, KRC161276/2, KRC161254/2, ROJ208392/1, KDU137557 /4, BFB14013/1, ROJ208864/2, ROJ208460/3, 03HAT00055AAP, RPM2533138/60M, 1HAT60730ADL, BMG 980 33/1, 151-3135/04, AP5C56BA, BFB1110025/2, KRC161241/2, mobile and Broadband Internet communications equipment: Wireless & Cell sites, Base stations, MD110 RECTIFIER BOARD, COMPLETE SYSTEM, 100 USERS, PBX, CONSONO, 3202 HANDSET, OPTICAL BOARD, HDU3 BOARD, PBX TYPE/40/20, 50 USERS, 1000 USERS, FTU2 BOARD, LFU7, ICU, GSU3, LFU, CCU, GJUG4, MEU5, GCU2, REU, BASE STATION, PHONE, TELEPHONE, HANDSET, HEADSET

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