VSX 6000

Manufacturer: Polycom
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Description: Polycom VSX 6000 Part # 2200-22222-001 The Polycom VSX 6000 is a Polycom set-top platform for video conferencing. The Polycom VSX 6000 supports up to 768Kbps calling, H.264 video compression, 14KHz audio, and H.239 PC content support. The Polycom VSX6000 is the perfect solution for quick IP-Centric installations. The Polycom VSX 6000 is a compact, entry-level set-top Polycom video conferencing system with built-in IP connectivity, ideal for small group use. The Polycom VSX 6000 comes standard with many high-end group video system features, but the Polycom VSX 6000 takes up less room with a smaller footprint. The Polycom VSX 6000 is ideal for organizations with an IP network infrastructure and the need for a small group video conferencing product. Experience Polycom?s exceptional audio quality, including conversational stereo; and sharing data on the Polycom VSX 6000 is simple and can be done without cables using Polycom software. The Polycom VSX 6000 can be configured for a wide variety of videoconference settings. Add additional displays, multiple cameras, or integrate it with other Polycom products to further enhance your Polycom video conference experience.

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